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Hello, I’m Nick Zevgolis – a Montreal Dog Trainer & owner of Family K9 Dog Training.  I have been training dogs and helping Montreal dog owners train their canines to be well behaved pets for over 20 years.
In that time I have had occasion to train thousands of dogs and interact with their owners and families.

I have taught and learned a lot along the way.

Training dogs and educating owners – A Life’s Work

Dog training is more than a profession for me – it is a labor of love and was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember .  I feel very fortunate to be able to go to work with people and their dogs each day and get to play translator between the two.


A Dutch Shepherd and a Chihuahua sitting in a grocery bag

This is not a site about my business – for info on my dog training services  you can visit Family K9 to see what that’s all about.The title Montreal dog trainer is a bit of a misnomer.   If I am being perfectly honest – I have trained dogs from all across Canada and regularly have clients from Ottawa, Toronto and further west and all the way to the eastern townships – to the north shores of Laval and the South shore as well.  Good thing I drive a hybrid!

I have had many dogs brought in from the US for training.  To top it off I live off the island of Montreal in a quaint town called Saint Lazare – but all of this would make a very messy title for a website!  So Montreal Dog Trainer it is.


 About the Montreal Dog Trainer Site

This is a site that covers a broad spectrum of things related to dog training and behaviour (and some things non dog related). Thoughts on dog training, living with dogs, working with canines and humans.   The issues, challenges and ups and downs that  we face as dog owners and animal lovers.

Come in, have a seat & relax.

Obedient English Bulldog sleeping
Nick’s dog Clara Hughes AKA Cow resting after a hard day at work.


Spend some time reading articles and watching videos that pertain to dog training and dog behaviour.  Some of which will be informational, some entertaining and hopefully all of them interesting to anyone interesting in canine behaviour. Think of Montreal Dog Trainer as a site where you can grab  cup of coffee & enjoy some time spent learning about dogs in an informal & fun way

This site is an idea that I have had brewing for some time and will be updated as time permits so please check back regularly for updates or subscribe to be alerted when new content is loaded.






Dog staring into owner's eyesMontreal Dog Trainer, Nick Zevgolis is the owner of Family K9 Dog Training. Nick has been training dogs professionally for over 20 years and has helped thousands of owners train their dogs in all sorts of endeavours but especially to be well trained and well loved companions.
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Legal mumbo jumbo:
This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Dog training is a highly specialized and risky endeavour. No information contained within this site or is meant to be attempted on your own, ever. Neither Nick Zevgolis nor Family K9 can be held liable for any and/or all incidents or consequences arising from your dog’s behaviour, or the consequences of your or your dog;s actions.